Imagine this.

On a beautiful spring day you and some good friends are enjoying a superb dinner at a gourmet restaurant. Everything is perfect, the food, the weather, and not to forget the wine - a fabulous red, a third growth from Bordeaux.

2 weeks later you are about to celebrate your birthday and want to treat your guests with this extraordinary wine, the one from Chateau ….? Oh no, you were absolutely sure to be able to remember the name this time!

Do you recognize the situation? Don’t worry, the solution is here. With the EZ-Wine application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod you will never forget that special wine again. With the EZ-Wine application you would just have scanned the barcode on the back of the bottle of wine with your iPhone and stored the name in your own library. And that’s only the start! EZ-Wine allows you to look up the latest ratings from the wine specialist and even to order a bottle or perhaps a case whenever you like. All this and more from your iPhone or iPod even before you left that gourmet restaurant.

Was it Chateau Kirwan or?